Resources for IYCF-E in Transit Settings


While the general principals of infant and young child feeding in emergencies (IYCF-E) remain consistent across settings, every emergency has unique contextual challenges and issues that must be addressed.

There are unique challenges in providing IYCF-E in the current humanitarian crisis throughout Europe. The large numbers of displaced families in transit with infants and young children has made providing adequate IYCF-E aid extremely difficult.

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Our international network of volunteers has responded to specific requests from the field to develop tools that may facilitate more timely and effective IYCF-E support for families in transit.

On our site you will find the following resources:

These resources were created in collaboration with the IFE Core Group of the ENN.

We have also created a social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of WHO Code compliant IYCF-E practices. You can find our memes and videos on our site as well.


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